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Growth process
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1952 local state-run fo dian county farm implements factory (i.e. JiLinYuan party machinery group co., LTD.) was established.

Since 1966, the development and production car axle shaft, become a professional manufacturer medium-duty vehicle driving axle half shaft.

In 1988 to become China's first automobile group automobile axle shaft key suppliers.

Production plant in 1990 by the birch midian city moved to grand economic development zone.

In 1992 the implementation of technical transformation projects for the first time, form production capacity 120000 half shaft.

In 1996 the implementation of the second technical transformation projects, form production capacity 200000 half shaft.

Industry take the lead in 1998 through the ISO9002 quality management system demonstration.

Enterprise property right system reform in 1999, by all the employees to vote, the city government approval for the conversion of private enterprises.

In 2000, "silver bridge" half shaft by the jilin city government awarded the "jilin city famous brand product" title.

In 2001 the implementation of technical transformation projects for the third time, formed the annual production of 600000 pieces of automobile driving axle half shaft, 30

The ability of a rear axle shaft tube.

In 2002,

Industry took the lead through the ISO/TS16949:2002 automotive industry quality management system standard certification.

Was registered, renamed JiLinYuan machinery co., LTD.

"Silver bridge" brand half shaft products, was awarded as "jilin province famous brand product" by jilin province government.

In 2003,

"Silver bridge" registered trademark was identified as the jilin province famous trademark.

John Deere company to company, the United States, large agricultural tractor half shaft product development cooperation agreement.

In 2004,

, which was awarded as "jilin star enterprise" by jilin province government.

Grand economic development zone, in order to speed up the development of the company by the municipal moved to downtown fo dian original sunup at the factory.

Establishment, approved by the jilin province economic and trade commission, JiLinYuan machinery group co., LTD.

Implementation of technological transformation projects for the fourth time, formed in production, casing production capacity of 1.2 million pieces of half shaft.

In 2005,

, by jilin province government awarded the "jilin province the most growth medium top 50 enterprises" title.

, become China's heavy truck, the United States John Deere products supplier.

, by the jilin province quality technology supervision bureau awarded the "quality trustworthy unit" title.

In 2006,

, become a national automotive half shaft industry technology association director unit.

, the provincial government awarded the company produces the "silver bridge" brand car axle shaft as the "jilin province famous brand product" title

In 2007,

Enterprise management, comprehensive introduction of Japan's Toyota, TPS management mode.

, a 100000 tons of the casting project planning institutes, adi officially launched the product project adi.

Fifth technical transformation projects, implemented in 2008, formed the annual production of 1.8 million pieces of automobile half shaft casing production capacity.

In 2009,

The product development breakthrough, adi, copper, niobium high strength the gear manufacturing adi method declared national invention patent.

, by jilin province government awarded the "jilin province hundred private enterprises" title.

, by the jilin province quality technology supervision bureau awarded "jilin province quality credit enterprise" title.

In 2010,

, the company officially implemented expansion has won 3 million half shaft to technological transformation and 40000 tons of the precision casting adi projects.

, at the end of the new campus construction project completion and part of the equipment move in birch midian city economy began to area new factory area.

, by jilin province government awarded the "jilin province hundred private enterprises" title.

1.95 million, the year production half shaft, its yield the best level in history.

In 2011,

, Volvo (China) investment company to company, product development cooperation intention.

Copper, niobium, high strength and the heavy commercial owner/adi driven bolt bevel gear manufacturing methods to obtain national invention patents.

, the company through the national supervision and administration of production safety administration of "safety production standardization level 2 enterprise" standard certification.

, by jilin province government awarded the "jilin province hundred private enterprises" title.

The company all move fo dian city industrial economic development zone, the new factory.

In 2012,

"Silver bridge", a registered trademark by the state administration for industry and commerce trademark review and adjudication board recognized as China well-known trademark.

, industry took the lead through the ISO14001:2002 environmental management system certification.

Company by dongfeng Dana axle co., LTD., supplier qualification, become a supplier.